Sell your company to a safe pair of hands

You invested the best years of your life in building a successful company.

And now it's time to move on and enjoy the rewards your hard-work and success has brought.


And yet selling is as much an emotional decision as a rational one. On the one hand, you’d like to release the capital you’ve pain-stakingly built up over the years and enjoy your retirement.

On the other hand, you want to protect the legacy you’ve built - the company, it's successes, it's culture and - perhaps most importantly - your people. And finding a buyer that will help you to achieve both is very difficult.

Our approach

We can help.

We are looking for successful companies with strong, positive cultures and management teams. We’re not looking to change anything on day one, we’re not interested is getting rid of your people, 'cutting costs', 'stripping assets' or 'flipping'.

We're interested in learning why your company is so successful. Patiently, over time, we want to work with your people to build on the foundations you have laid and take your company - and your legacy - successfully into the future.

We partner with experienced, private investors and between us we have over 50 years experience and demonstrated competence at board level. We have a proven track record of managing large enterprises and significantly improving performance in numerous sectors and functions, including manufacturing, supply chain, new product development, strategic marketing and planning, and sales operations.

Post-sale, we intend to play a  ‘hands-on’ role in the company, providing the stability and leadership required to sustain success. Our wider strategy is to create a group of complimentary manufacturing companies, while retaining oversight and providing guidance to management as needed.

We are actively looking for opportunities to buy-in to - or preferably acquire outright - small or medium sized manufacturing companies (turnover of £1.5M - £10M) that satisfy some or all of the criteria listed below.

Our investment criteria

Sectors: Manufacturing, engineering, industrial, supply chain, project-orientated environments.

Examples: Product design, manufacture and distribution, sub-contract manufacturing, electrical assemblies, machine shops/component manufacturing, PCBs, tooling manufacturers, fabricators, mechanical and electrical engineering agencies & technical design houses, scientific & high technology-based products and manufacturing.

Industries: Manufacturing, defence and aerospace, oil & gas, water/fluid engineering, electrical, automotive, machinery, agricultural equipment, rail and other transportation equipment, furniture, building products.

Location: South Wales, South West, M4 Corridor, & M5 Corridor, West Midlands, Mid Wales.

Turnover: £1.5M - £10M

EBITDA: £0.25 - £2M

Customers: Preferably B2B and in a market(s) where customers suffer from relatively long supply lead times or poor product availability.

Market share: Small but with a reasonably competitive product/service.

Other characteristics: Stable, break-even/profitable and have some structured management & business processes in place.

Deal structure and funding

Deal structure: 100% share capital purchase or buy-in with option to acquire outright.

Timescale: Immediate to next 12 months.

Funding: Bank finance and private, depending on target company.

Post-close involvement: Hands on with management team.


If you are looking for experienced investors to support your people and secure your legacy, do please contact us for a friendly, no obligation, initial discussion.