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Like all subject areas, manufacturing and the Theory of Constraints have both developed their own jargon. This unit provides a translation for the most commonly used acronyms, terms and phrases and the unit where you will find a definition (if … Read More


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In this module, we introduce the improvement methodology that Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope (SDBR) is drawn from – the Theory of Constraints (TOC) – and its founder, Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt. This helps to place SDBR in the proper context and credit … Read More


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In this unit we provide an introduction to the Throughput Academy and your tutor for this course – Alex Dinham. Read the learning objectives carefully. Watch the video below and make your own notes. Review the Unit Notes. Refer back … Read More


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Welcome to the Throughput Academy’s course ‘On Time In Half The Time: Part 1 – Why SDBR reduces manufacturing lead times and improves due date performance’. Thanks for joining the course! We really appreciate it and hope you enjoy participating. … Read More


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If so, this programme is for you. On Time In Half The Time explains exactly how numerous manufacturing plants across the world have already achieved this for themselves. You will learn exactly which actions you should take to replicate this … Read More

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