Draethen Solutions announces partnership with Progressive Labs

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Sales UP
Supply SYNCHRONISED with demand
Inventories DOWN
Visibility ENHANCED

All of these benefits are now available to Draethen Solutions clients, who are delighted to announce a partnership with world-class supply chain management software provider, Progressive Labs.

Alex Dinham, for Draethen Solutions, said:

“In our experience, Progressive Labs KIME system is one of the very few systems that deliver measurable bottom-line results for clients - and FAST. We are delighted to partner with Progressive Labs and be able to offer our clients this world-class supply chain solution to managing and optimizing sales and inventories.”


Progressive Labs KIME system integrates with any existing ERP system and creates a unified manufacturing and supply chain, synchronising actual real-time demand with supply. This enables users to sell more, reduce inventory and tied-up cash, while reducing operating expenses.


Yaniv Dinur, Chairman of Progressive Labs, said:

“Progressive Labs have successful implementations in manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers all over the world. We have brought amazing tangible results to all our customers in numerous different verticals. Our ability to integrate fast to any ERP and legacy system and fine-tune the operational system to any specific market is unprecedented, and to do it in a very cost-effective solution."


Current KIME users include Toshiba, Macmillan, FLSmidth, and many more.

Benefits from using KIME include:

Industry 4.0 ready

Increased sales - significantly less/no stock-outs
* Happy customers - better level of service/availability of goods
* Better on-time delivery

Reduced inventory and freed cash
* Reduce costly initiatives to get rid of excessive stocks e.g. discounts, incentives, advertising, etc.
* Reduce dead and slow tail
* Increase Inventory Turns - more sales coupled with less overall inventories
* Increased ROI

Reduced operating expense
* Reduction in obsolete products
* Exposed production capacity
* Reduction in expedited shipments
* Reduced cross shipping
* Reduced overtime costs

Full synchronization between production/purchasing and real demand
* Reveal excess production capacity – massive saving on new investments
* Significantly faster response to market demands and special campaigns
* No rescheduling – connecting BOM (RMs & packaging) to real demand
* Advanced Dynamic Demand Sensing can deal with very different demand patterns

Additional benefits
* Remarkably better visualization – critical for correct decision making in complex networks
* Potential to expand the breadth of SKU’s at the customer, supported by the reduction in required inventory levels
* Full synchronization across the entire supply chain with a single priority system
* Much better control in Engineering and Procurement processes

KIME is supplied on a highly affordable SaaS basis creating further benefits for users.

If you would like to find out more about Progressive Labs KIME system, please contact us here.

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