Coaching you towards success

We have considerable experience in coaching C-suite/board level executives to address the challenges they and their organisations face. Coaching can be focused on technical issues of performance. Or, it can focus on issues of leadership, management and teams. Whatever the issue is, we can coach you to develop your own solutions that move you and your organisation towards its objectives.

How do you do that?

Coaching normally takes place over a number of sessions, usually 1-2 hours long and over a 3-6 months period. However, this varies by client and context. The process is focused on helping you develop solutions to your problems, but it can also involve expert advice where appropriate. Typically, we would spend time discussing your needs prior to engagement and then agreeing the structure and ground-rules before the coaching engagement begins.

OK, sounds interesting. How do we engage with Draethen Solutions?

Just call us on 07525 863193 or email us at for a no obligation – friendly – initial discussion.