Effective project management can often be decisive in today’s fast moving environment

Whether it’s designing a new product, opening a facility, or implementing a new IT system, project management skills are often critical to success. Co-ordinating multiple resources and suppliers while managing customers expectations is always a challenge. But when you do it effectively, the results you achieve can be spectacular.

What type of projects have you worked on?

We have worked on numerous different projects over the years, including:

  • New product development – transforming multiple engineering functions and their ability to design new products. One increased project output by over 700% in one year!
  • IT systems implementation – planning and managing numerous new IT implementations. One implementation was the biggest ERP implementation anywhere in the world, at the time.
  • Commissioning new facilities – including moving an existing hospital into a new facility. The hospital continued day-to-day operations and implemented 26 new IT systems while moving. The project was delivered on time, in full, to budget.
  • Defence – advising on mega complex, multi-billion pound, design and build defence programmes.
  • Organisational change and ‘project working’ – helping umpteen organisations change the way they work, including moving to ‘project’ ways of working.

Clients have ranged from large multi-national corporations, government departments/agencies, hospitals, manufacturing SMEs and even charities.

How do you help your clients?

In short, we teach you to use the breakthrough Critical Chain Project Management approach. Critical Chain is the most exciting and important development in project management practice in decades. It is simple to understand and use, it is robust, and most importantly, it gets results.

Critical Chain is used successfully by some of the world’s most complex and advanced project management organisations. It enables them to complete more projects, improve on-time delivery, reduce durations, and improve customer satisfaction.

How do you do that?

Firstly, we almost always begin with an on-site visit to meet you and your team. We want to learn about you and your operation (we video-conf if an on-site visit isn’t possible).  We want to understand what it is you need to deliver and how we can help you to be successful.

Where we go from there is for us to decide together. Most typically our engagements are either:

  1. Coaching - we coach you and/or members of your team to be more effective in planning, scheduling and managing your project(s).
  2. Training - we teach you and your team how to use the Critical Chain approach most effectively in your environment.
  3. Training and consulting support - after teaching you to use Critical Chain, we provide hands-on support to deliver your project successfully. This support usually includes planning and scheduling projects, monitoring progress, risk management, status reporting and problem solving. We can structure our help in a number of ways, depending on your needs and budget.
  4. Managed PMO service - we can provide everything required to create and operate a fully fledged Project Management Office. We will support your project operations, managing multiple projects simultaneously and successfully, using the multi-project Critical Chain approach.

OK, sounds interesting. How do we engage with Draethen Solutions?

Just call us on 07525 863193 or email us at info@draethen.com for a no obligation – friendly – initial discussion.