Transforming patient flow in and across healthcare systems

Ensuring patients are in the right place, at the right time, to receive the most appropriate care is a challenge for healthcare systems worldwide

  • Maintaining patient flow through the healthcare system is a critical aspect of modern medical leadership.
  • The challenge is not just to ensure that the current patient receives the most appropriate care, but that ALL patients needing care are treated appropriately within the limitations of increasingly stretched resources & budgets.
  • At Draethen Solutions we explore this topic using an engaging and highly interactive approach, combing a computer-based flow simulator that participants use to learn the fundamental principles governing flow through a complex healthcare system, input from facilitators highly experienced in healthcare improvement, and application to the participants current environment.
  • Participants are also introduced to a variety of robust improvement frameworks - all applicable and proven in the health context - and practical, tested approaches to improving flow - and therefore patient care - in a focused, sustainable and highly effective manner.
  • This development process has been tested and proven successful with numerous groups of healthcare professionals - medical, nursing, allied health, executive and management - over the past 15 years in the UK, US, Australia and the Netherlands, resulting in demonstrable improvements to patient waiting times, timeliness of care, and the healthcare working environment.

Why do patients get delayed?

You can download a free article written by Draethen Solutions Director Alex Dinham explaining why patients so often experience non-clinically justified extensions to their in-patient length of stay. Click here.

Why Patients Get Delayed

How do you help your clients?

Draethen Solutions has a wealth of experience of working in secondary and tertiary care to improve performance. We work with your team to identify delays and blockages to flow and put in place sustainable improvements to process and practice that demonstrably increase patient flow.

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