Manufacturing is our passion

There is nothing more exciting than seeing raw materials transformed into useful new products by skilled manufacturing professionals. The infinite variety of products, the ingenuity of design and process, the inspiration of finding practical solutions to meet society’s needs - all can be found in manufacturing shops across the world. It’s why we feel a thrill of excitement and inspiration, whenever we have the privilege of setting foot in a manufacturing plant.

What sectors have you worked in?

We have worked in numerous different sectors over the years, including:

Consumer Goods
Industrial systems
Assembly operations
Print & media
Oil & gas

Clients ranged from large multi-national corporations and privately owned manufacturing concerns, to small SMEs.

How do you help your clients?

In short, we help our clients by showing them how to use the Theory of Constraints 'Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope' (SDBR) approach to manufacturing. This approach dramatically reduces inventories and manufacturing lead-times, and significantly improves due date performance. Typically, we would expect we to see lead times reduced by at least 50% and due date performance consistently above 95%.

How do you do you that?

Firstly, we almost always begin with an on-site visit to meet you and your team and learn about your operation (we videoconference if this isn’t possible). The objective is simply for us to learn about you. We would like to understand, in particular, what it is you need to deliver and how we can most effectively help you be successful.

Where we go from there is for us to decide together. Most typically our engagement would be either:

  1. Coaching - we would coach you and/or members of your team to us the Theory of Constraints SDBR approach in your manufacturing system(s).
  2. Training - we would teach you and your team how to use the Theory of Constraints SDBR approach most effectively in your environment.
  3. Training and consulting support - after teaching you how to use the Theory of Constraints SDBR, we would provide hands-on support and help you to implement the approach successfully. This support usually includes implementation planning; staff training;  adjusting your ERP/MRP to support SDBR;  developing  raw material release schedules;  shop floor prioritisation; uncovering more capacity on constrained resources; and assisting ongoing improvement. Our assistance can be structured in a number of ways, depending on your needs and budget.
  4. SDBR software support - Draethen Solutions is an approved distributor of Progressive Labs ‘ProLaris’ SDBR and TOC Replenishment compliant supply chain software. We can support you to implement the software throughout your supply chain and achieve dramatic improvements in performance.

Whichever approach you decide best fits your needs, we will work with you to guarantee results.

In fact, we are so confident of our approach, we will - in certain circumstances - risk share and make a portion of our fees contingent on achieving agreed targets.

OK, sounds interesting. How do we engage with Draethen?

Just call us on 07525 863193 or email us at for a no obligation - friendly - initial discussion.