How to create a breakout strategy

Creating a strategy that takes your business out of the day-to-day dogfight is easier than it might seem.

Combining superior operational capability with a more advanced executive decision-making framework can quickly and dramatically improve sales growth and profitability. This opens a window of opportunity in which the company can define a breakthrough, unrefusable offer to the market.

This changes the game entirely and allows the company to accelerate away from the pack. We’ve done this with many clients. It has enabled them to provide exceptional returns for their owners, value for their customers, and - not less important - secure and satisfying employment for their people.

What type of sectors have you worked on strategy in?

We've worked on a variety of strategy projects, including:

  • Manufacturing - in numerous different sectors.
  • Telecoms and mobile - strategic breakthrough in a fast moving sector.
  • Healthcare - developing strategy within public health systems.
  • Financial & legal services - how to beat the competition in services.
Clients have ranged from global multi-national corporations, public healthcare systems, manufacturing organisations, to small partnerships and SMEs.

How do you help your clients?

Our strategy projects often - but not exclusively - grow out of our work to improve operational capability. We learn about your business, your sector and how to develop a decisive competitive edge. Using Dr Eli Goldratt's strategy framework, we define the operational capability that sets you apart from the competition. When implemented this capability gives you the opportunity to develop an unrefusable offer to the market. We work with you to develop, test and implement the unrefusable offer and ensure it delivers the expected results. This changes your strategic landscape entirely.

How do you do that?

Firstly, we almost always begin with an on-site visit to meet you and your team and learn about your operation (we videoconference if this isn’t possible). The objective is simply for us to learn about you. We would like to understand, in particular, what it is you need to deliver and how we can most effectively help you be successful.

Where we go from there is for us to decide together. Most typically our engagement would be either:

  1. Coaching - we  coach you and members of your team to develop a breakout strategy for your company.
  2. Training - we teach you and your team about Goldratt's strategy framework and how you can develop a breakout strategy for your organisation.
  3. Training and consulting support - after teaching you and your team about Goldratt's strategy framework, we help you define a strategy for your organisation. This support usually includes, strategic and market analysis; identification of the key assumptions in your industry that currently prevents you from delivering more value to customers; defining an unrefusable offer; ensuring the offer can be implemented successfully; monitoring progress and results, and improving implementation.

OK, sounds interesting. How do we engage with Draethen Solutions?

Just call us on 07525 863193 or email us at for a no obligation – friendly – initial discussion.