Right product, right place, right time

This, in a nutshell, is it - the challenge of running a supply chain and getting it right. And yet so often these days, it seems so difficult to do. 'Optimisation' and 'cost saving' are all the rage in supply chain. And yet the more into the detail you delve, the more likely you are to lose sight of the one person who ultimately determines your success - the customer. We don't make this mistake and that's why we've helped our clients to achieve stunning results.

What type of projects have you worked on?

We've worked on a variety of supply chain projects, including:

  • Consumer goods - transforming a global supply chain from China to the US and Europe, to deliver constant availability with dramatically reduced inventories.
  • Food - getting the right product to right store, in the right quantities and at the right time.
  • Industrial - B2B relationships re-defined by guaranteed, superior operational and supply chain performance, sometimes with bonuses for achievement.
Clients have ranged from global manufacturing organisations to large family owned businesses and SMEs.

How do you help your clients?

In short, we help our clients to use the Theory of Constraints Replenishment supply chain management approach. Theory of Constraints Replenishment is the most important development in supply chain management in decades but is still relatively unknown. It is simple, dynamic and delivers incredible results. Some of the world’s most prominent consumer goods companies use the approach to manage their supply chains to great effect. It enables them to guarantee that they never miss a sale, reduce overall inventories and adjust to changes in consumer demand before stocking out or over-stocking.

How do you do that?

Firstly, we almost always begin with an on-site visit to meet you and your team and learn about your operation (we videoconference if this isn’t possible). The objective is simply for us to learn about you. We would like to understand, in particular, what it is you need to deliver and how we can most effectively help you be successful.

Where we go from there is for us to decide together. Most typically our engagement would be either:

  1. Coaching - we coach you and/or members of your team to be more effective in managing your supply chain
  2. Training - we teach you and your team how to use the TOC Replenishment approach most effectively in your organisation.
  3. Training and consulting support - after teaching you how to use TOC Replenishment, we provide hands-on support and help you dramatically improve performance. This support usually includes determining the correct stock-holding locations; the correct mix of SKUs and quantities to hold; replenishment frequency and quantity; and how to adjust for changes in demand, seasonality and time limited events (promotions, new product launch, discontinued products).
  4. Managed TOC Replenishment implementation with software support - Draethen Solutions is an approved distributor of Progress Labs ‘ProLaris’ SDBR and TOC Replenishment compliant supply chain software. We can support you to implement the software throughout your supply chain and achieve dramatic improvements in performance.

OK, sounds interesting. How do we engage with Draethen?

Just call us on 07525 863193 or email us at info@draethen.com for a no obligation – friendly – initial discussion.