Got a great idea but need help to take it forward?

We can help. With over 50 years combined experience at board and operational levels, we can help you turn your start up into a great business. We partner with private investors  - and motivated individuals with great ideas for new products - to create new start ups. We're interested in ideas in the following areas:

  • Fluid engineering - valves, pumps, controls, and related areas.
  • Assembled products e.g. compressors
  • Process controls
  • Casting or forging
  • Machining and components
  • 3D printing
  • Electronics and assemblies
  • Software/tech start ups
  • Any industrial or engineered product sold B2B

If you have an idea in any of the above areas, or an idea for a product that you think could or should be manufactured in the UK, why not make contact for a friendly, no obligation initial discussion.

How can you help my start up?

As experienced business professionals we are able to help a start-up in numerous ways, including:

  • Clearly identifying the LIMITATION that the product overcomes for the customer/end user
  • Specifying the BEHAVIOURS AND/OR POLICIES that must change for customers/end users to extract MAXIMUM VALUE from adopting the product
  • Identifying the VALUE PROPOSITION that substantially enhances the probability of rapid market adoption
  • Developing a TARGETED marketing and sales plan (based on the insights gained above)
  • Creating an operational/manufacturing process that delivers the proposition to the customer/end users, RELIABLY AND RAPIDLY
  • Creating budgets and forecasts
  • Incorporating the above into a COMPELLING business plan
  • Capital investment and raising finance
  • Incorporation - legal, shareholders, banking, taxation, accounting, payroll, etc
  • Recruitment
  • Developing required operational, HR, finance, HSE policies & processes
  • Sales and marketing organisation, processes and implementation

What's in it for us?

In short, we would expect - with you - to be major shareholders in the new start up. The exact shareholdings are dependent on the individual start up and context. However, our guiding principle is always 'win:win'. We would work together to develop a solution that gives all parties what they need and create the basis for a successful ongoing partnership that enables the start up to flourish.


If this sounds interesting, feel free to make contact for a friendly, no obligation initial discussion.