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Throughput Academy tutorials are developed by Draethen Solutions and contain the combined learning of over twenty years experience implementing TOC in a huge variety of different organisations across the globe - with stunning results.

We will help you understand the problems inherent in conventional 'MBA textbook' management approaches to operations management - manufacturing, services, supply chain, projects and complex multi-project environments - sales, marketing, management accounting, decision-making, and competitive strategy.

We will also teach you, in detail, the TOC alternative - not just what it is, but how you do it in practice and achieve measurable bottom-line results, as we have with our clients for over twenty years. Right down to the technical details of how successfully handle specific situations in different environments.

We hope to post a variety of tutorial videos on different aspects of TOC, some of which will be free-to-access and some subscribe-to-access. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new releases.

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On Time In Half The Time: Part 1 - Why SDBR reduces manufacturing lead times and improves due date performance

Want to reduce your manufacturing lead time by 50% and dramatically improve due date performance? This course will explain exactly how many plants have already achieved this for themselves.


Our brand new FULLY INTEGRATED Theory of Constraints Glossary - check out all the acronyms and definitions you need! If you spot a term you'd like added, just mail us!

Efficient and Unproductive: Part 1 - The Efficiency Syndrome

This video explains why keeping people and machines busy - known as The Efficiency Syndrome - increases manufacturing lead times, makes on time performance worse and loses you money.

Efficient and Unproductive: Part 2 - EOQs, MOQs and saving set-ups

It's conventional manufacturing wisdom that producing to economic order quantities and saving set-ups is efficient and makes you profitable. This video explains why that belief is not only wrong, but also makes you unproductive and loses you money.