On Time In Half The Time

Why SDBR dramatically reduces manufacturing lead times and improves due date performance

Do you want to reduce your manufacturing lead time by at least half? And dramatically improve on time performance to the high 90%s?

If so, this programme is for you.

On Time In Half The Time explains exactly how numerous manufacturing plants across the world have already achieved this for themselves. You will learn exactly which actions you should take to replicate this success in your plant.

Watch our promotional video for a complete run down on the course.


There are numerous benefits to completing this course, including:

  1. Become an expert user of a powerful manufacturing approach.
  2. Create rapid improvement in your manufacturing performance.
  3. Align your team and new inductees with the approach.
  4. Create a highly lucrative competitive advantage for your plant that competitors find extremely difficult to replicate.
  5. Meet with other experts in the Throughput Academy's LinkedIn members-only group.
  6. Get first sight of new Throughput Academy material.


  • 23 instructional videos with over 4 hours of high quality instructional content developed by an expert in the Theory of Constraints.
  • 5 structured modules and 22 units designed to take you from novice to competence.
  • Hundreds of detailed educational slides with graphical models to assist you in learning about SDBR.
  • Assignments designed to enhance your learning in SDBR and increase your understanding of your own manufacturing process.
  • On-hand tutor support to answer tricky questions and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Dip in and out as suits your schedule.
  • Watch as many times as you like. Stop, start, pause and rewind all videos so you can learn at your pace.
  • Designed using effective adult learning research for maximum impact and retention.
  • Videos hosted on YouTube for performance and reliability.

What are the learning objectives for this course?

There are eight main learning objectives for this course. By completing the course you should know:

  1. Where SDBR sits within the wider context of the Theory of Constraints.
  2. Why high inventory manufacturing environments have long manufacturing lead times and poor due date performance.
  3. The simplifying assumptions SDBR makes and where it can’t be used.
  4. Why choking the release of raw materials drains inventory and reduces lead times.
  5. Why the Buffer Management priority system further reduces lead time and improves due date performance.
  6. How Capacity Constrained Resources reduce flow through the plant and 12 practical ways to significantly increase capacity.
  7. How to create a focused, effective and sustainable process of ongoing improvement.
  8. How to continue your development in the Theory of Constraints.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Manufacturing leaders and professionals who want to reduce their manufacturing lead times and due date performance.
  • Manufacturing leaders who want to:
    • Educate their teams in the SDBR approach.
    • Induct new team members to the SDBR approach.
  • Manufacturing professionals/consultants who want to upgrade their personal skills and know-how.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their understanding of the Theory of Constraints, specifically the Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope, approach to manufacturing improvement.