Website complete! Well… kinda…

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been working hard on the website in fits and starts for some time now. It’s starting to look like I envision it can be but undoubtedly will continue to be a labour of love over time.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and create the Throughput Academy. After much hesitation, my ambition is to create an affordable, quality, online learning resource for people interested in learning about the Theory of Constraints. This will basically be delivered by mixture of free-to-access and paid presentations that I’ve used over the years, or create especially for the Academy. I intend to bundle videos, etc. to create specialist courses too. It’s a huge commitment to create content and record voice-overs and I must admit I’m a little nervous about it. But we’ll see how it goes…

If you have any questions about this idea, or suggestions for content that you’d like to see, feel free to drop me a mail at info@draethen.com

Check back soon for news,


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