John Murphy B.Eng. C.Eng. FIET - Associate Managing Consultant

John Murphy is a Non-Executive Director, business owner and business investor whose focus and motivation is to guide selected companies to realise substantial improvements in business results for the benefit of all stakeholders. John’s association with Alex Dinham spans 20 years, initially as a client and more recently as a business partner and co-founder of JAC Audio.

During a 30+ year career in industry John has held senior executive and board level positions in Engineering, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Operations and General Management, where his ‘hands-on’ work with leadership teams has addressed challenging issues that previously prevented the achievement of ambitious business objectives. His recent activities include:

  • Non-Executive Director supporting a small manufacturing group, acting as executive sponsor and mentor to teams working on business process improvements in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Supply Chain.
  • Co-founder of a product manufacturing company working in the field of professional audio sound reinforcement
  • As VP in a large multinational manufacturing business, appointed Executive sponsor to bring new focus and direction to a manufacturing transformation programme struggling to improve delivery and inventory performance.

John is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and a Practitioner Member of Theory of Constraints International Certification Organisation (TOCICO), certified in Operations Management, Project Management and Thinking Process. If you would like to contact John, please click here.

“John is a highly organised, logical, thoughtful leader with a great capacity to steer and develop a Board's direction. He's particularly skilled at helping a Board going through difficult decision making to find the right way forward. A huge benefit to any organisation and enjoyable to work with."
NP, Vice President Human Resources

“John is a highly capable executive with broad management experience and a record of successful project execution. He communicates well at all levels and has successfully developed and led teams in various disciplines. He is a creative and strategic thinker who can also implement plans to completion."
JG, Exec Vice President & CFO (retired)

“I worked with John for many years in several disciplines, first as a report, then as a peer and finally having the pleasure of managing him. He has always shown his intelligence, knowledge and experience through a methodical process-oriented way of achieving the objectives. He is insightful, analytical, logical, creative, pragmatic and results oriented. Thanks for all the years of success!”
EV, President

“John is a Senior Exec with success in Marketing, Operations, Engineering & GM. Personable, strong in strategy development & conflict management; I greatly valued his probing insightful advice as Exec Sponsor of an enterprise change program I directed. I encourage any business to engage with John."
GW, Vice President Technology