Breakthrough Thinking Process Program – Launch Webinar Replay

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If you missed it, no worries! We've got you covered...

Watch today's launch webinar for the new Breakthrough Thinking Process Program from Dreathen Solutions

You can find additional information on the program here.


Limited Special Offer

If you were to attend another Thinking Process program you could expect to pay up to $4000 to attend and then you have flights, transfers, accommodation and subsistence to add on top. And that's all before you factor in the biggest cost of all - a week or more out of your business.

Take a moment to do the maths for yourself - what would that all cost you?

$4000 to attend
A long haul flight?
Living costs?

And, then add on the biggest cost of all - a week out of your business?

I'm guessing it's a lot, right?

Now, normally I would expect to charge £3000 per participant to attend a course like this and that's based on my normal daily rates for consulting, the time it takes to run the program over several weeks, time spent individually with participants, and to amortise the cost of development.

However, I'm willing to do you a SPECIAL, ONE TIME ONLY DEAL.

It's the first iteration of the program. So, if you help me get this thing off the ground AND give me LOTS OF FEEDBACK during the program on how it can be improved, I'll substantially reduce the price as a one time only offer.

So, here's the deal:

If you sign up AND PAY by 12:00UK on 12th June 2020 and the price will be...


JUST £999 +VAT

That's a 67% discount if you act fast.

If you want to spread the payments, you can pay just £599 + VAT by the 12th June and a further £599 +VAT four weeks after your first payment. I can accept credit card payments, PayPal or a £GBP bank transfer, whichever you prefer.

After 12:00UK 12th June, the price goes back to £3000 per person and stays there, come hell or high water!


No Worries Money Back Guarantee

If you're not entirely happy with the program after session 5, I'll refund your money - IN FULL - no questions asked (less any payment processing fees).

So there's no risk to you if you're not happy.

Places are LIMITED so ACT NOW

This one time Special Offer is available to ONLY 10 participants. That's all I need to get sufficient feedback to improve the program. So BE QUICK because some places have already gone...

Also, learning the Thinking Processes is a personal journey. Participants will receive personalised feedback and guidance from Draethen Solutions Theory of Constraints expert Alex Dinham. Because of this, overall places on the program will be LIMITED, so please ACT NOW if you want to join.

What next?

Registration is now open for the Breakthrough Thinking Process Program. If you would like to register please add your details to the form below and click 'Submit'.

There are three payment options:

Option 1: Earlybird Special - £999 + VAT payable by 12:00UK 12th June 2020 latest.

Option 2: Earlybird EasyPay - £599 + VAT. First payment by 12:00UK 12th June 2020. Second instalment of £599 + VAT payable four weeks after the first payment.

Option 3: £3000 + VAT applicable from 12:00UK 12th June. Must be paid prior to start of the program.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Or you can pay by bank transfer. Details for all options will be on the invoice.

If you would like to join the program, please:

  1. Complete your details below.
  2. Indicate your preferred payment option.
  3. Click Submit.

Your invoice will follow by email shortly.

Register NOW

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