New Goldratt’s Thinking Processes Program

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What would the power to create exciting, transformative solutions do for you?

What if you could look at intractable problems, in almost any situation, and understand it as few other people could?

What if you could create elegant but extremely powerful solutions?

Solutions that make performance leap far higher, far faster than most people can imagine.

What if you could define exactly how to successfully implement those solutions so that you achieved superlative results?

And what if that process were repeatable? It was a skill you’d mastered and could deploy in new situations and environments?

Goldratt’s Thinking Processes enable you to do exactly this.

Dr Eli Goldratt

Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt, inventor of the Thinking Process

They are profoundly powerful. Some have claimed as powerful as the invention of calculus itself.

For those of us who had the privilege of being taught by Dr. Eli Goldratt himself, his invention has left an indelible and transformative effect on how we think and operate.

And yet opportunities to learn the TP are rare these days.

That’s why we’re exploring creating our own unique program, taught online that will be:

  1. Expert - high-quality tuition by an experienced teacher and practical user of the Thinking Processes
  2. Simple - easy-to-understand guidelines to accelerate your learning
  3. Real-world - examples from real-life to illustrate and explain how the TP is used
  4. Effective - assignments to help reinforce your learnings, with sessions recorded for later viewing
  5. Personal - taught in small, online groups
  6. Helpful - feedback on your personal work
  7. Convenient - sessions lasting no more than half a day and that can be scheduled into your week
  8. FUN! - informal, friendly and include several bad jokes a session, at no extra charge 😉


  • NO boring visa paperwork
  • NO tedious flights
  • NO tiresome transfers
  • NO banal branded hotels
  • NO unhealthy subsistence
  • NO irritating incidentals

And best of all…

  • NO time out of your business, and, 
  • NO loss of earnings!!!

Does that sound awesome to you?

If so, I need to know IMMEDIATELY

Preparing an impactful and high-quality executive education program can be done - it's relatively simple when you've done it as many times as I have. But it is a serious undertaking and takes a considerable amount of work. I don't like doing things unless they're done to a high standard. 

I’m busy, so it’s not a task I will shoulder lightly, and unless I’m convinced there is sufficient interest to make the effort worthwhile.

Also, there’s is a small remaining window of opportunity to do this. The world will begin to return to normal shortly and I expect to be busy.

So, if you:

  • Want to learn the Thinking Process
  • Can free up the time to attend group sessions, and,
  • Can fund your participation


Hit the button below NOW and let's see if we can make this happen.


NOTE: PLEASE hit the button even if you're already on my mailing list. This will enable me to keep track of interested people and talk to you about things YOU are interested in. Thanks!


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