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On Time In Half the Time

Would you like to reduce your manufacturing lead time by at least half? And dramatically improve your due date performance to the high 90%s at the same time?

If so, this programme is for you.

On Time In Half The Time explains exactly how numerous manufacturing plants across the world have already achieved this for themselves. You will learn exactly which actions you should take to replicate this success in your plant.

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Efficient & unproductive

The Efficient and Unproductive course explores the invalid assumptions inherent in the conventional ‘MBA textbook’ approach to manufacturing and operations and the negatives effects on performance that they lead to.

'Part 1 - The Efficiency Syndrome' explores the widespread assumption that in order to be profitable, or successful in achieving the organisations goal, all resources - be they people, machines or other assets - must be constantly utilised.

'Part 2 - EOQs, MOQs and saving set-ups' explores the invalid assumptions inherent in the concept of Economic Order Quantities (and Minimum Order Quantities) and the widespread practice of minimising the number of set-ups machines conduct.

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