M121 - Introduction to M120


In this module, we will explore the four simplifying assumptions that SDBR makes about the manufacturing system. These make implementation much easier and speed us towards getting results (M122). We also explore the types of manufacturing systems where the SDBR approach is not appropriate and where an alternate approach should be used (M123).

What you should do

  1. Download the handouts for the modules and units.
  2. Read the module learning objectives carefully.
  3. Watch the video below and make your own notes.
  4. Complete the required units.

What you should know

At the end of this module you should understand:

  1. The four simplifying assumptions SBDR makes.
  2. Why SDBR makes those four assumptions.
  3. The type of manufacturing environment SDBR isn't appropriate for.
  4. Why SDBR isn't appropriate in that environment.

M121 - Introduction to M120

Unit notes

  1. None.

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