M134 - Buffer Management


In this unit we explore the Buffer Management priority system and how it directs work centres to process orders closest to their customer due date first. Or, in other words, we will understand why in an SDBR plant work centres process work orders in line with the global optima of the plant, as opposed to the local optima of the work centre.

What you should do

  1. Read the learning objectives carefully.
  2. Watch the video below and make your own notes.
  3. Review the Unit Notes.
  4. Refer back to the learning objectives to ensure you have satisfied each one.
  5. Complete the assignment.

What you should know

At the end of this lesson you should understand:

  1. How the Buffer Management priority system works to align work centres throughout the plant to the global optima.
  2. How the buffer status of an individual work order is calculated.
  3. How the buffer priority list of an individual work centre is determined.

M134 - Buffer Management

Unit notes

  1. Click here to download the unit handout.

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