M136 - Dealing with a Capacity Constrained Resource


In this unit we will explore a fundamental framework of the Theory of Constraints - the Five Focusing Steps. We will exmaine how we can use it to create a significant amount of additional capacity on a Capacity Constrained Resource (CCR). I detail twelve practical things you can do to improve throughput at the CCR - if there is one - and reduce, or even eliminate, the queue of work orders in front of the CCR. Additionally, we will look at the impact these efforts have on our implementation of SDBR as a whole.

What you should do

  1. Read the learning objectives carefully.
  2. Watch the video below and make your own notes.
  3. Review the Unit Notes.
  4. Refer back to the learning objectives to ensure you have satisfied each one.
  5. Complete the assignment.

What you should know

At the end of this lesson you should understand:

  1. TOC's Five Focusing Steps and how it can be used to address a CCR.
  2. Twelve practical things you can do to increase capacity at a CCR.
  3. The impact of expanding capacity at a CCR on an SDBR implementation.

M136 - Dealing with a Capacity Constrained Resource

Unit notes

  1. Click here to download the unit handout.

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