M137 - Ongoing improvement


In  this unit we will explore how the Buffer Management process enables us to focus our ongoing improvement efforts. This will ensure that we continue to rapidly increase flow through the plant and increase throughput after the initial impact of the SDBR implementation. This, in turn, further reduces manufacturing lead times and improves due date performance and forms the basis of a sustainable and effective approach to ongoing improvement.

What you should do

  1. Read the learning objectives carefully.
  2. Watch the video below and make your own notes.
  3. Review the Unit Notes.
  4. Refer back to the learning objectives to ensure you have satisfied each one.
  5. Complete the assignment.

What you should know

At the end of this unit you should understand:

  1. How the Buffer Management process can be used to focus ongoing improvement.
  2. What data the process uses to do this.
  3. How that data is used to focus ongoing improvement.

M137 - Ongoing improvement

Unit notes

  1. Click here to download the unit handout.

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