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Hi everyone,

I’ve started a manufacturing special interest group on LinkedIn for people in Wales and the West of England.

I couldn't find anything of the sort on LinkedIn so thought, why not? I hope if enough people join it can help connect people, help them do business together, potentially help with common issues, with recruitment and so on.

If you’re a manufacturing professional, or deeply engaged in the manufacturing community, in Wales and the West, feel free to apply to join by clicking here.


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  1. Joseph C Petersen
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    I have personally witnessed and benefitted Alex’s command of the subject TOC and CCPM. I consider him to be one of the world’s foremost experts on helping enterprises improve performance. From sales to manufacturing. It matters not. I would cherish the chance work with him again.

    • Alex Dinham
      | Reply

      Thanks Joe – you’re very kind.

      I would love to get the band back on the road again too! I learnt a lot!

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